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 Workshop #1 


World-class professional tango dancers show what tango means to them, how they interpret musicality, freedom, surrender and connection. Does the man lead and the woman follow, or is it an interaction between the two? And how exactly does this work? With a live performance, and in words, where they invite the audience to feel what it is all about in a few simple steps.

Geraldin Rojas (ARG) and Ezequiel Paludi (ARG), iconic dancers from Buenos Aires about freedom in and following the dance instead of the dancer

Marga Wouters (BE) and Peter Rombouts (NL), multiple world champion Argentine tango about leadership and surrender

Mariano Galeano (ARG) and Paula Rubin  (ARG), from Buenos Aires about breathing and muscle & joint release in dancing (based on the hypopressive method)


Gonzalo Ferro (ARG), from Buenos Aires about men's role and technique in dynamic leading

 Workshop #2 


A good image is one that touches you. Technology is a means to achieve that. Pascal Baetens explains by means of examples how to make strong images in the first place by using your eyes, how to read the light and learn to feel it, and where you position yourself, exactly to the centimetre.

Trilogy 2021
- dance photography: recognize and anticipate movements and walking lines, capture their emotional meaning, and frame them in light and decorum

- portrait photography: how do you connect with your model, how do you build an atmosphere of trust, and how do you convert that atmosphere into a still image as precisely as possible

2022, 2024

- nude, dance and portrait photography with Pascal Baetens
- contact:

 Workshop #3 

Body Language

We have no control over what the position of our feet, arms and the rest of our body tells us. The muscles and muscles that move in our face also reveal more information than we suspect. Being able to consciously recognize unspoken messages is a wealth in any communication.

Marc Bogaerts, expert in body language, gives tips to recognize to what extent people feel good in our presence.

 Workshop #4 

Self Defence

As a soldier in the French Foreign Legion, Marc Bogaerts has learned efficient ways to defend yourself. Recognizing early signs of danger, in order to avoid it, is the most important. But if the situation turns out to be unavoidable, Marc's tips and techniques can -hopefully- defuse some common dangerous situations.

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